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Instructor Greg

Greg first started playing Capoeira in 1999 with Mestre Tazmania in Durham, whose distinctive movement and teaching style sparked a serious passion for something that was still very unknown in the UK at the time.


After leaving university and returning home to Blackpool, he collaborated with other Senzala students to run a student Capoeira society in Lancaster. Although training only infrequently, the society was popular and ran until 2006 when the training was unfortunately demolished. They were also lucky enough to have Professor Ouriço run several workshops with them, keeping close to the Senzala family.


When the training hall they used closed, Greg explored the Chinese art of competition Wushu, and found that it complimented and built on the foundation that Capoeira had created. Even now this provides a level of movement awareness and sense of timing that is extremely valuable.


Recently moving to Sheffield, he returned to Capoeira with Instructor Socadinho. This was a true welcome back into the world of Capoeira, and he is now very much addicted again! The energy and technical excellence that Socadinho brings have pushed him and given him the motivation to exceed.


He finds this blend of music, language, creativity and play both unique and incredibly rewarding. It’s given him the opportunity to perform for local universities, deliver workshops to Physical Education students and schoolchildren, and to be the opening act for the Tramlines Festival. Having taught his own classes for over a year now, he hopes the community will keep getting stronger.