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Professor Socadinho

Professor Socadinho began capoeira with Mestre Gatuno in Dundee in 2000 and was baptised by Mestre Toni under the supervision of Mestre Gato in Edinburgh the following year. He trained with Mestre Pauloa Ciera in Holland and returned to Scotland in 2003, rejoining  Senzala Scotland. He continued his training with Mestre Pedro, Professor Ze-Galinha and later with Mestre Gato, in Edinburgh. In 2006 he founded Senzala Dundee and in 2007 Senzala St. Andrews.


He visited Brazil in 2008 and was fortunate to attend the Senzala Academy in Rio de Janeiro, training under supervision of the late Mestre Peixinho and Mestre Toni. Through travelling and attending workshops he continuous to develop relationships with other capoeiristas in Europe.


Professor Socadinho is a senior lecturer in Primary and Secondary Physical Education in Manchester Metropolitan University. His pedagogical understanding of varying learning and teaching styles, enhance the organised, energetic and fun atmosphere in his classes.


He is now living and teaching Capoeira in Sheffield, continuing to share the positive experiences he gained through training, teaching and sharing Capoeira.